12 January 2010

Heroes of Newerth Preview

About this Game :

In Heroes of Newerth, two teams of up to five players each take on the role of special Hero units. With the assistance of AI-controlled armies, each team sets out with the sole objective of destroying the other team's base. As a match progresses, players can earn experience and gold which can be used to upgrade skills or purchase items to make their character more powerful. The team-oriented design of HoN coupled with unprecedented in-game Voice-Over-IP controls and Clan Support allow for an incredibly deep, tactical team-based experience.

The Heroes :

Currently there are a total of sixty heroes consisting of thirty for each faction. Heroes are additionally organized by their main attribute - either strength, intelligence, or agility. A main attribute, along with the set of abilities that is provided for a hero, loosely assigns the role that they will fill in the game - such as a "tank" who is able to absorb a lot of damage, "carry" who scales very well the longer the game moves on and deals massive damage, "initiator" who starts "team fights" or "clashes" and last "support" these heroes have a very wide range of abilities that range from healing and buffing to damage and disables. Each hero in the game has four unique abilities that can be learned as levels are gained from the death of opposing heroes or creeps. Some abilities are active and must be manually executed, while some are passive and are often left to chance.

Features :

* Dozens of playable Hero characters, over 100 items as well as regular content
updates to ensure no two games of HoN will ever be the same.
* Client/Server Architecture eliminates lag, cheats and map hacking
* Quick reconnect feature allows players to jump right back into their game should they get disconnected
* In-game VOIP for fast and easy communication with teammates
* Game archives and replay support for all games played on official servers (players can rewind, slow down, fast forward, and otherwise pinpoint the exact part of a match that they wish to view)

screenshot :

this game is the clone of DOTA and yeah the creator is the same person. my personal rating for this game is 8.5/10 worth to play and if you want to play just visit this site: heroesofnewerth


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